When You Open Up to Someone…

Scammers newest way to get to you is Instagram. Not that it is the fault of this social media presence. It is just their (the scammers)  latest way to get to you.

Due to some of my business ventures, my account is open. I will not identify it here or anywhere else for that matter.

Anyone can message me. One such person did.

I will admit he was good but I thought I was smarter. I didn’t tell him where I was. I did tell him what I did for a living. He had access to my photos. I post pics of myself on the site often. It is easy enough to screen shot them and you have my pic.

Those will be coming down. When I switched it from a private to publicly viewed account, I took down any pics of my littles or any one else. Trying to think smart.

I never put on there where I live.

Tried to do everything the smart way.

You never know when you could meet someone great. Not so much in this case.

Like I said the dude that started talking to me seemed legit. We were friendly but never went too far. He never used foul language. Never asked me for anything. Just chatted about our days. I would say we became friends to a degree.

He made some big promises that were yellow flags. Be wise. Be careful, but there was nothing that screamed that this will be a problem. There wasn’t some of the things you know to look for. Everything seemed fine. I even looked up the town he said he was from.

He was supposed to be leaving the country on business. He asked me to join googlehangouts. Once again not blaming them. This is all on me for being naive.

When I asked why, he said he wanted to have two ways to contact me. Okay, I join. I joined with the address I used to use for this blog. That has now been changed. So there is no connection to this blog.

Things were going well for a while until he asked me for money.

I honestly told him I could not help him. I was being honest. I can’t. It wasn’t an excuse. I am trying to get two businesses off the ground. I have no income to spare and I don’t know him that well.

He became more intrusive and forceful. Down to the point that he asked where I do my banking. That was the step over the line.  I at that point had to make some changes.

I created a new email account.

I deleted the old one.

I blocked him from instagram.

I spoke to local law enforcement just in case there is someway he can find me.

I have done all I can. It hopefully over. We’ll see.

Because of one persons need to prey on the innocent, I had to change my life. Is this fair? No. Is this the world we live in now? Yes. Could I have been smarter? Yes. Will I talk to a stranger again? Probably not.

To quote Alanis Morisette…. You LEARN, sometimes the hard way.

So in closing, this is just a reminder to not only you but to myself, be brave but be safe and smart at the same time. Talks are great, invasion of privacy is not.


5 thoughts on “When You Open Up to Someone…

  1. Sooo…your blog usage ends here? Leave the internet altogether and breathe more easily? Might not be the worst thing to do. Rather than stick around and never connect with anyone new because that one bugger really wormed his way into the danger zone.


    • No not at all. I took precautions to protect the blog. This blog is a way for someone who is learning her way in a world that didn’t exist the last time she was “single”. I blocked them on social media and opened a new e-mail account simply to protect this forum. I know that connecting with someone new is a risk. It was one I was willing to take. It didn’t turn out as I would have liked. Lesson learned.


      • How many precautions can one take before all that remains is a cold, stone room with four walls and no light or contact with other life forms?

        So, your blog becomes a journal…which could be offline. Yes?

        Ah, post long-term relationship self-therapy space. The last time you were in single space was pre-internet. Got that much.

        Blocking is a dicey situation, regardless. You don’t know how many pathways a pest can really open/access to get what he/she wants. You don’t know what connections they have. I’ve had pests that I block and they come back with a new name or email address to continue the crap….which, in the case of female “pests,” isn’t anything other than “drama” I had hoped to end more peacefully and decisively.

        If you learned that just one thread of the billions available turned out to be rotten and you can still take measured risks without fear, then, yes, lesson learned. If you shut yourself out one network after another because every bitter bite of a shady serpent makes you withdraw one step further, then the bad guys are winning over you.

        In any case, if you feel like talking…about anything…you can talk with me (strange as this sounds after discussing what we just did). [It’s like one of those movies that ends with what started it, the spy who finishes business with one criminal before finding a stranger who speaks the same language as the previous criminal, potentially repeating the spy’s required action.]

        And, haven’t we spoken before, you and I? I seem to recall your ID/name…but I thought you had some flowery image or silhouette for your “avatar.”


      • Yes and No to the question of is this a journal. It sort of is I however journal off line daily. There is much that never goes on this blog.

        My hope with this is that things I encounter in life will help others who might face that same thing. You never know who might be struggling and read something that they say Oh, I am not the only one. At least that is my hope.

        I have not shut myself out of any network. I actually did what I usually do on my social media accounts as I would on any other day and yes, I realize that they will probably find a way to slither back in. I can not and will not let fear rule my life.

        Writing about it last night allowed me to think with my fingers and put things out there and go back and read what had spilled out of my soul. I always try to write from my soul.

        Thank you for your input and for your offer to talk. I might just take you up on that. I enjoy your take on things.

        As far as I know we haven’t spoken before. I haven’t changed my “avatar”.


      • That hope of helping someone in a similar boat is a bit like tossing a rock across a lake. This place isn’t the most convenient at tuning into those seeking guidance/advice. It’s here if people come looking for it. But, as far as publicity goes, other sites and paid writers take precedence.

        Good for you. Stand up to and repel the fear-mongers.

        Thinking with our fingers. That’s a thought-provoking concept. 🙂 It also sounds like a phone book company ad. Let your fingers do the thinking…er, walking.

        Write from your soul. That’s a beautiful thought.

        My soul wishes it could speak as freely as it desires. But, it also realizes this outlet isn’t any better than the ones I’ve already tried. It’s just currently what I find comfortable enough, usually, to give input.

        And, I enjoy your effortless eloquence. It reminds me of a blogger I knew not long ago.

        Well, you sure “feel” familiar. I was pretty sure you checked out my blog not more than a year ago and that we may have exchanged words. But, it’s kinda hard to track that.


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