Life on the Discount Rack…

I have always felt like I have been hung on the discount rack. Okay, maybe not all my life. There was a time when someone saw me as top shelf. Keep them behind locked glass and show them off, top shelf.

I guess in the past, I have felt like I am not worth as much love, affection, time and attention as everyone else. I have been that person that was lied to and cheated on before I met my husband and after he passed away the same thing happened until I came to my senses. People played on someone who was grieving and lonely. They lied to the point where they told me they were dying and they were fine. I had to decide to do what was best for my life.

So when I do not see my value or when I feel like others do not value me, I understand why. It is the past coming back to revisit me.

The past has taught me a lesson. I have to value me for who I am. I have to value myself, my skills, my style. I have to like myself first. I have to be proud of me even if no one else says they are. I have to be my biggest supporter. It is a stretch for me. I have spent my life on the discount rack. It is a climb but it is time for me to see my own value.


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