I Got Flirted With ???….

Yesterday, I had a plan. The plan was simple but nobody stayed on script, but that is cool.

I was going to take my mom to do some things but she was not her best so she needed some time. My best friend needed my help with a catering. My person me never said if he wanted to go play in the mud or not so I rearranged.

I gave my mom some time to get her nerves settled and went and helped my best friend with the catering. While I was there I noticed this guy kept looking at me. When he came to the drink station, he said I like it real sweet, you better dip your finger in it. I just looked at him, my friend jumped in and said She’s not that sweet. He said maybe you should dip it twice then. He looked at me a gave me a smile.

Now, there was a time in my life I was very much desired. I used to get my behind grabbed, my neck kissed, my boobs stared at while we were eating out with the silent unspoken I want dessert when we get home but that was some years ago.

Things have changed. Now, I try to flirt and it goes unheeded. It was odd for someone to flirt with me.

I will never see him again. It was nice though that someone saw something that they liked about me physically.


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