I Want To Be The Girl That Lives In His Fantasies…

We all have that person that we would love to “be” with. Between the sheets.

I was told awhile back by one of my female counterparts that I was a “good girl”, because I have never tasted alcohol, never done drugs amd the only person I have slept with is my late husband.

She doesn’t know that my mind is a wonderland. Whenever I am near him I want to touch him. I want to be near him as much as possible. He could be the only one who can bring out the bad side of the “good girl”.

I would love to lay with him in my bed, learning each other’s like, dislikes, fantasies but the fear of rejection stops me. I know I am not the long legged beauty, I am short and curvy and middle aged. That in no way means I am dead.

I have longings, desires and fantasies and each and everyone of them revolve around my person,  yet when I try to flirt I am awkward and when I think about saying it I am rendered mute. I think we would be great together but how do we get there from here???


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