Watching Too Much Educational TV…

When I work, I watch educational tv. PBS, History Channel, National Geographic. While sitting in my bird cage alone, I tend to let my mind wander. Tonight I am watching a thing on the History Channel about Mars.

Now being of the Christian faith, I listen to some of what they are saying and kind of shake my head, they are reaching pretty far to make the connections that they are.

There is water on Mars. They talk about us tera-forming Mars. Making it more Earth like so that food can grow, although it will take a hundred years to do so. That’s cool enough,  I guess, but not being a science girl until recently, I got to thinking. If there is any life at all on Mars, doesn’t that make us the Extra Terrestrials?

They say there was a nuclear explosion and some of the people from Mars might have come to the Earth? Does that mean that some of those walking among us are martians? That could explain a great deal.

The time on Mars is interesting. One day is 24 hours and 39 minutes; however a Mars year is equal to 2 Earth years.

Imaging specialists see statue heads and oddly enough stained glass remnants on Mars. They say that there are pyramids, Buddha statues, a sphinx, and a cross. Objects that have been recreated here on Earth.

They think these are markers to lead us back to “where we came from” because they had to escape. Now we are going back.

Looking at things, we are destroying the Earth at a rapid rate. Maybe someday there will be “shuttle buses” to Mars. Because we are polluting the Earth, cutting down trees at break neck speed, our water sources are being depleted by waste. We may need to go to Mars, not in my life time but generations to come may need to so that it will survive.

I’m not sure how much of what they say is true, I do know it gives me food for thought and allows my mind to wander and wonder.


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