The Month of June…

For the past six years, the month of June has not been my favorite. I basically survive from my birthday until the Fourth of July.

This June has been just as bad. I found out this morning that a good friend of mine has breast cancer.

It is only in one and has not spread so that is a blessing. She is going to have a mastectomy.

That is a blessing in the fact that it is more treatable. She is not as upset as those of us close to her. I remember well when the cancer diagnosis came our way, it was harder for me to grasp it than it was him.

The past few days I have been updating my benefits at work. You have to think about your own mortality, about who gets what when you are gone. Not that it will matter to you, you will be gone.

To top that off, I am driving around with trunk full of flowers because it is decoration where my husband is buried.

I will have to go tomorrow and place the only gift I can give him now on the place that marks where his Earthly remains reside. I started putting those together last night after being stared down in a restaurant and finding out this morning why.


So today I went and got my hair done, only because you had made it earlier in the week. Otherwise, I have sat only lost in my own thoughts.

It is the best I could do. My energy is at a low. I don’t have enough to spare right now.


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