If You Stop Dreaming You Are Just Sleeping…

I am struggling right now.

I want so many dreams to come true. I am a dreamer. I admit that. I have big dreams.

Sometimes, it takes time for dreams to come true. You work your hardest. Sometimes you get too invested in it and you drive yourself into a frenzy.

My person told me once not to chase my dreams, to just walk beside them and be their friend. I guess that is true.

It seems like when I worry over it, for lack of a better phrase, it goes all to hell. When I am doing something else, things seem to fall into place.

I have to be careful not to get too engrossed in the what ifs because although I am a dreamer, I also am grounded in realism.

Dreams are good but you have to survive. When you live alone, survival is a way of life. It is all on you. The house, the yard, the bills, you have to do things to make a living while pursuing your passions. You hope that some day that passion can support you but for now you support it.

You are invested in your dream. You want to see it thrive and bloom.

You can have many passions in different aspects of your life. You can be passionate about your person (I am), your hobby (I am), your community (I am), your world (I am).

I am most relaxed when I am out in nature with my person. I love going to parks and seeing what we can find. It is like a treasure hunt and I never come out disappointed. I don’t have as much time as I would like to spend time with him. I could see him everyday and never be tired of seeing him.

I could just sit somewhere beautiful with him and be the happiest person on the Earth.

So, I dream, about a great many things. I like to sleep but dreaming is so much better.


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