I Sleep With Super Heroes

Now before you get excited about this post, I must say that where I am it is 4:00 am. At approximately 7:00 am, I get to go home, remove the uniform I have been in for approximately 14 hours and crawl into my bed. I am so looking forward to that. It is the first night of the weekend stretch and I didn’t nap enough today.

I am an odd person I guess, I have always had to have noise when I sleep. It doesn’t help that I live right beside a busy highway. So the more noise I have in my house, the better I sleep.

I don’t have “television”, I have a nice selection of DVDs that I watch, sort of. The DVD of the moment meaning until I decide to change it, is The Avengers.


It provides back ground noise for my existence. If I am working in my workroom, the TV is on. If I am doing laundry, the TV is on. I am not watching it, it is there for noise. It is another voice within four lonely, otherwise quite walls.

I think about my grandmother who didn’t have the hobbies I have. She sat there on the side of the road and watched “her stories”. That is what she called the Soap Operas of the day. She couldn’t drive so she was stuck at home.

She would get up fix some breakfast and camp out in her recliner for the day. The only real company she had was when I would come and stay with her. Ironically, the room where I spend most of my time, my workroom; that was my room, when I spent the night with my grandmother. It is the room that I would look at my cousins annual and pick out the same “pretend boyfriend” every time. The same person who today is my person.

Sorry, I wandered off for a minute down memory lane.

Anyway, back to the actual point of this post.

I kind of have a thing for Iron Man. He is the ultimate tinkerer, a maker with the ultimate tool kit. I love how his mind works. The Hulk, smashes. Captain America, cool enough, Rominoff, she totally kicks tail. I wish I had her moves and her figure.  Thor, puts the hammer down, Hawk Eye never misses a shot but Iron Man is THE MAN. Robert Downey Jr. isn’t hard on the eyes either.

So for now, I look at the clock and think about my soft bed, my fluffy pillow and sleeping with Super Heroes.



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