So On The Sixth Time It Worked…

I have been working on a custom piece of jewelry. It is simple enough but it wasn’t working like I thought it should.

I tried different methods. I tried different heating times. I was sure yesterday I had it. Nope. I have kept all the ones that didn’t work just so I would know how many times I had attempted it. I  counted 5 culls.

Today I finally got the first part of it right. Whew!!!

I was trying not to panic but I was up against a deadline.

It is a birthday gift so it has to be right. It is well on it’s way at this point. I guess the sixth time is the charm; literally I am making a fused glass pendent.

That is what people don’t understand when something is hand crafted. It takes time, it takes supplies, it takes problem solving skills, and it takes a great deal of patience with yourself and your materials. Sometimes, you think you have it all right and everything goes all wrong.

The joy you see in the eyes of someone when they get what they want when they commissioned you to make the piece. Well, that is priceless.


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