A Good Time To Refocus My Energy…

Today, I began my 49th year inhabiting this human form.

If I have learned anything in those years, it is that I know when something is off and I feel like it is very off at this point in my life.

It is time for me to refocus and redirect my energy where it ought to be.

I stated this process today. I started with the music I listen to. Some of it is probably not what I should be listening to. It is going to get cleared off the music machine.

Some of the things I had saved to pinterest were not what I should have been saving. It hasto go and it did. I deleted several boards. I don’t need to save pins on a corset board anymore. That is never going to happen. I have given up on that dream.

I don’t need pins with half naked men in them, bathing suit boards ( I have never worn one, why start now), lingerie boards(don’t nobody want to see that), they went as well. Why am I cluttering up my life with this stuff. So far we are talking about digital stuff.

I started a purge of pages I like on facebook. Do I really need to like over 200 pages. I could stay on it all day and not look at 200 pages.

Clutter….. I don’t need it.

Music, pages, pins, hoards stuff… Clutter. There are many kinds of clutter and it can be deadly for your spirit.

It is time for an enormous swing in my way of thinking.  Beauty is what is on the inside. It is not what you wear or what you don’t, as I have seen recently. You can have an amazing outside but if your inside is not what it should be,  what does that get you?

I need to take care of somethings I have been putting off. I need to pursue my dreams or give them up. I need to make a plan and work it. I need laser like focus, I need to perfect my craft and get this thing in gear. I need to get the paperwork filled out to teach classes and to sell my jewelry. I need to make contacts, I need to network. I need to build my Queendom…or hang it up.

The choice is mine. I have worked hard but have I worked smart? I know the answer.


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