The Best $4.00 ever spent….

Today, we went to our “local” Michaels. Local is a relative term since we are at least an hour away from everywhere and by everywhere I mean craft supply stores.

We walked through the door and my person called my attention to some grab bags. They were rather large bags and priced at $4.00 each. There were two left. I got the items I needed and as we were walking through, I said I have an idea. That is always a buckle up baby moment.

We get to the checkout and I tell the cashier I wanted those two grab bags.

He eyed me suspiciously, as he should have. I handed him one of the bags and said I have a challenge for you. No matter which bag you choose and see what you can make from the contents and I will do the same.

He accepted challenge.

We got to the car and started going through our treasure. A young lady in the car beside us asked if we got some good stuff in our grab bags. We must have looked like kids at Christmas.

The bag had a lot of paper items in it. A disadvantage for a jewelry maker and a technological genius. So, we will both be working with a not often used medium. We do own a paper cutter which is helpful.

It is odds and ends which will be put to our creative test. This is not something to make our living, it is purely for fun and to stretch our creative muscles.

Wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted.


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