Life From Atop an Exercise Ball…

My birthday is coming up and this year, I am skipping my drop 20 pounds in 20 days tradition I have attempted over the past few years. Why??? Cause I am getting too old for that stuff. I give up everything I enjoy eating for 20 days only to binge on it after my fasting is over.

This year, I did something new. I bought myself an exercise ball.

Funny thing about exercise balls. You will find out how limber or not, you are.

I realized for a woman nearing her 49th year, I am actually pretty limber in my lower half of my torso.

The second thing I realized that balance is key. Not only on the exercise ball but also in  life.

The last little while, my balance has been off. Way off.

When I am on the ball, I find it difficult to trust the ball and myself. It is hard for me to trust myself and my decisions in life. I do something then I break it down into sections, subsections, I look at it through a microscope. Especially when it comes to me flirting with him. What did I do wrong? I am so awkward.

When I am on the ball, I pull my extremities inward toward my center to begin with. It almost as if I am in the fetal position when I start. As I grow more comfortable, I stretch out further. This can be risky. It usually totally gets me out of balance and I get a good laugh and I try to get it back before I inevitably topped to the floor laughing. I will try several times before I finally give up. I will get it, I am doing better. I just don’t have the hang of it yet.

Another thing I have learned it to just let it roll. I have managed to do on thing. I lay on the ball on my stomach. I take my arms and roll the ball forward as it rolls up my abdomen and my breasts.

I then allow it to roll back down my breast and abdomen down my thighs all the way to my ankles. This strengthens my upper body and my arms.

The life lesson here, roll with the punches. Enjoy how your body feels as it the balls rolls over your parts. How it hugs your curves and gives to the contour of your body.

The same could be said for life. You can stiffen as things happen and it will not be as enjoyable. You can allow things to roll and you might find you enjoy it.

I had a chance to put this one to the test tonight. I was supposed to shoot a wedding tomorrow. 12 hours before the wedding, I get a call canceling my services. I could have been an ass and said well, you hired me for three hours, pay me for three hours.

Instead, I looked at it as a chance to do something that I want to do tomorrow. Will I get paid no. Will I get a chance to go get supplies I wanted to go get yesterday? Yes and hopefully I will get some time to spend with my person as well. WIN, WIN.

So, I rolled along with the curve that life threw at me. I thought about the way the ball feels as it rolls over my flesh, it’ll be fine and I might find that I enjoy it more than I thought I would.


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