In its own time…

I am one of those people who thinks good things can or never will happen for them.

I believe so strongly in others but I don’t believe in myself.

I don’t see myself as valuable to anyone. I want to be seen as beautiful. I try to see myself that way. I would like to be told these things from time to time.

Some things have happened recently where others have pretty much left me speechless. Good things. People see something in me that I have been told was a futile attempt. What we were working on three years ago, is now happening, just not in the way we  had planned.

I call my mother and tell her about it and her response is to tell me what my sister is doing, which once again makes me doubt myself.

I tell her what is happening in my life and well your sister…..

My person is excited for me, my best friend is happy for me.

So I lay here, unable to sleep. Thinking about how I am going to do this. Doubting myself once again. Such is my life.

I will make it work. I will rise above my own insecurities and who knows where this will lead. Believe in yourself for a change. You have spent enough time doubting yourself. All things come around in its own sweet time.


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