I am a deep thinker. I don’t often talk to people about what I am truly thinking at any given time. I pretty much save most of the details for my journal.

I have a great deal on my mind right now about a great many things. I am pondering on the future. I need to make plans for whatever comes my way.

I want to explore, I want to make my business prosper, I want……

I want deeper and deeper.

While looking at my pinterest boards tonight, I was looking at my color boards. I have one for many colors but the color I focused on tonight was red and burgundy.

I always thought red was my color of choice but as I looked closer, the burgundy/maroon board was getting more interesting.

This family of colors were deeper. They are a mixture of red, purple and black. They are deeper colors. They a mixture of color.

I pinned shoes, jewelry, clothing, accessories, flowers. I fell down the rabbit hole, deeper and deeper. As I thought about this color, I knew what drew me to it.

I always thought I wanted a red corset but now I think should I ever make that leap, it will be burgundy. I think that the color is more sultry than blazing red. There is an air of mystery about it. Burgundy velvet with lace embellishment. I can see what I would like.

I want that mystery that goes with it. I want to feel that something as it hugs and squeezes my curves. I want to be the present that someone unwraps someday.

I want to live my entire life deeper. I want to learn more, do more, experience all of life more fully.


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