Finding Your Wings…


We all want to find those things we are passionate about. Last night I watched a group of young people display their talents. Some were talented, some were truly gifted.  The photos in this blog were of a young person doing a dance performance.

When I got to looking through the images I shot, I saw my own story emerging. A great deal of time, I protect myself inside a cocoon. That is what the picture above represents.


This is the photo that represents the struggle to break free and be who you are. That wanting to free yourself to be and yet not sure how you are going to do that. You are trying your hardest but you aren’t quite there yet.


The final image is that moment ,in all its glory, when you find those wings. You may not be flying yet, but you are now equipped to take that flight.

As this young woman pursued her passion, she didn’t even realized I was seeing my own story in the movements she made.

Should I ever see her, I would like to thank her.


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