My Mom is Soooo Cool….

Yesterday, I went and picked up my mom to spend some time with her. I had went to my parents house the day before, laid down on the couch and went to sleep. There is just something comforting to me about being there.

So, after I got up yesterday, I went and picked up my mom, we had lunch and then we went back to my house for a while.

I had told her about my newest fascination, fusing glass, but I hadn’t really shown any of the newer pieces I had made to her.

Now if you have been following this blog for very long you know my mom had a stroke about a year and a half ago. Since then, she has moments where she gets more irritated at things she didn’t use to let bother her. She has plenty to fret over. She just worries a little too much. Yesterday was one of those days. So, I went and got her out of the house.

We were looking at the glass piece I had made and she asked some really great questions.

Are you going to put them on ribbons or chains? Do you have a market for them yet? How do you file it? How long does it take you to do a piece?

I was really surprised that she had taken such an interest in this project. She had given me that camera I use several years ago. At the time it was one of the best out there. It had traveled many miles with me. It has captured a lot of moments.

My mom just lets me be who I am. I can honestly talk to her about anything, from how I am feeling about life to what I am working on to the craziness I deal with in my work life. She doesn’t judge me when I feel like I am losing control. She just lets me work my way through it.

She really liked the designs of the jewelry. She told me she didn’t know who I came up with the things I did. She made suggestions on what type of chain I should use with them.

When we were going back home, she seemed much more happy and relaxed. She talked more about happy things than what she had been worrying about earlier.

I could have very easily lost my mom and I know none of us are promised another day, so while I have her or while she has me, we are going to have fun “girl days”.


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