Collecting Moments….

So my break on Sunday was a great thing. I have made progress on my glass projects and I am working through thousands of photos that I have keep stored on memory cards thinking I can do that later.

I fell into the Pinterest rabbit hole last night. I didn’t work on them any at all. I had the 9 memory cards and the computer with in arms length but I was watching glass fusing tutorials and looking at ideas.

So tonight, there has been only one social media interaction. There has been no looking for ideas or watching YouTube videos. Only looking at photos.

I am doing it very methodically. I look and each image, pick the best one and delete the others.

I edit want I want to post right now, the others are saved for later perusal. As I was scrolling through the moments I had captured, I saw places I had visited for a week and got to relive the amazement of walking a greenway several hours from my home. I saw urban scenes that I normally don’t see. I saw butterflies dancing on thistles in my moms yard. Here it is the dead of winter and I am looking at two other seasons.

Then I saw it.

It was a photo I sneaked and took of him. Instantly, a smile spread across my face. My heart sped up. It was my heart living outside my body. We had been walking in a national park and I was lagging behind, as always, short people  and I had captured the moment. I knew right where we were. It was a beautiful summer day and he had taken me on a trail I had never been on. I am still smiling. He makes me smile, what can I say. I have several of those photos. They are always from the back, one of the benefits of having short legs.

So, I sit and I smile knowing that nothing can take that moment away.

I am a collector of moments but my favorite are those that make the smile in my heart spread across my lips.


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