I Would Give Myself A Solid C+…

Have you ever seen the movie Miss Congeniality starring Sandra Bullock? Well, this blog is based kind of on that.

Gracie Hart, FBI agent, looks like she just rolled out of bed most of the time, has unresolved issues, just good enough, she snorts when she laughs, doesn’t even own a dress, she is prone to mistakes, she is the coffee fetcher, clumsy but she has the best of intentions.

I feel like Gracie sometimes. I lead with my heart. My brain, well it lags somewhere behind. It usually works well, sometimes not so much. My intentions are the best although I don’t hardly go about maybe in the right way.

I half the time just look like I rolled outta bed and many times I may just roll right back in because my brain is so tired from the thoughts rolling around it. We all have unresolved issues. I feel like I am nothing special, I am just good enough. I am not a genius, I am not necessarily talented, I am not drop dead gorgeous. Just good enough. I do own dresses, many of them and I wear one every other week, when I go to church. I don’t have anywhere else to wear them. Mistakes, I make many more errors than I get things right.That doesn’t keep me from trying. I will back up and start from the beginning if I feel like I can make an improvement. I want to strive to be better every day. I did that recently, I am not sure that was the best idea, time will tell.

I am as clumsy as they come. I love funky stilettos, can I wear them, only if I want to break a hip.

In the end of the movie, Gracie didn’t win the crown, she was true to herself although it was an up scaled version of  herself; she did what she was there to do, to take care of people and in return, she was awarded Miss Congeniality and she got to the guy.


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