Preparing…But For What???

It has been said that your external surroundings are dictated by your inner turmoil. I would have to say that is true.

I embarked on a  mission a few days back to set up a specific area of my home as a studio to make jewelry and photograph it. Those are but two of the passions in my life.

I knew that my entire living area was messy including having a light box set up in my living room. I really didn’t want to deal with it so I would just move the project I was working on to move to the next project until my house became completely cover in partially finished projects.

Still, I didn’t deal with it until I started setting up the space where all these projects would live.

What I didn’t see was that my mind was as cluttered as my home. As I began to regain control of my surroundings, I began to be able to sort out my thoughts or maybe it was the other way round. Honestly, I don’t know.

Through out the process, I have taken better control of my diet. I get busy and I don’t eat as much because I have something to focus my energy on. I keep a glass of water near me all the time and I was getting plenty to drink but food wasn’t as important. I needed to work on the project.

I spent two days pretty much in just a tee shirt. I was cleaning, there wasn’t going to be anyone coming around. Nobody ever does. I wouldn’t be leaving the house. As I worked, I had music playing and I would dance around the house as I was working. I was making my living space a living space again.

Suddenly, I was cleaning closets, I was getting rid of some of the physical baggage I carried around. I decided it was time to unload some of the stuff I had stored both inside and in the physical world.

If I hadn’t used it in forever, it needed to go.

Suddenly, I looked around and there was room for me to sit on any surface in my living space. I sit here tonight writing this and I feel a sense of pride. I have worked hard on this and now I see the fruits of my labors.

It feels good to release some of the things you have held on to for way too long. It does you no good to carry it around or hide it in a closet.

My studio is still not completely set up, it is getting very close. I know there is some reason I am doing this now. I just am not sure why. Hopefully, it will make my jewelry  better. Maybe have a cleaner house will equate in  a clearer thought process.

I guess time will tell.


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