What If They Told You….

I have spent the evening watching episodes of Touched by an Angel.

While watching it, I have been writing in my journal.

The episodes have kind of gone along with what I have been writing. That was the second odd thing to happen to me today.  The episode I am currently watching is about a woman who thought she had 5 years to live. She has a chronic medical condition.

She finds out that she doesn’t have five years, she is going to die that night. My journal writing just before this was about how you have to live for the now. You are not promised tomorrow.

You can’t spend your life being upset by every little thing. That you can’t assume that you will have tomorrow to do that thing you have wanted to do. You can’t save the good china, the trip to Italy, the best clothes you have for those important occasions.

I thought about what if they told me that I wouldn’t make it through this day.

What if you knew that before the sun set, you would be living in that place where faith becomes sight.

What would be carrying in your heart that you never said? Would you use the good china or  wear your good clothes in Italy? What would be that one thing you want to do that you haven’t done? Would you run to someone and tell them that you love them? What would you do? What would be that one thing?

What if today was your last day?


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