If I Could Photography Anyone In The World….

This is a list of people I would like to visually tell their story and why…..

There will be men, women, living people and those who have transitioned, there will be couples. The list will mostly be people you will know, if you follow country music and Hollywood stars. The person I would love to photograph most though, you may not know his name yet, but I sure do.

So let us get started…


Albert Einstein: One of the smartest men who have ever lived. I would like to photograph him as he sits and contemplates the universe and all that is in it.

Benjamin Franklin: Inventor and statesman, if not for Franklin, there would not be some of our modern conveniences. He invented bifocals, discovered electricity, day light savings time was his idea. I would like to see him taking time to create something never created before.

James Dean: That laid back sexy style he had.

 Josh Lucas and Blake Shelton: For their dimples. I would like to get them to smile and take photos of their dimples.

Kevin Costner and George Clooney: Their style and class.

Luke Bryan and Jake Owens: Their smiles. They have great smiles.

Trace Adkins: His mellow voice, his ponytail and his beard and he is quite funny in interviews.

Matthew Mcconaughy and Robert Downey Jr. : Their attitude that they are going to be who they are and screw what everyone thinks of it.

Sung Kang: The clean cut, quite guy off the Fast and Furious movies. He doesn’t say a lot but you know there is something deeper inside.

Johnny Depp: The introverted thinking type. He has that brooding look that women find appealing.

Now for the females:

Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock: Just down home country girls that made good. I would like to get them back to their roots and see if we could just hang out.

Reba McIntire: Her strength. Many years ago, all the members of her band were killed in a plane crash. She lost some of herself during that time but she came back even stronger.

Dolly Parton: Came from very humble beginnings and did exceptionally well. She never forgot where she came from and made a way for people in Eastern Tennessee to be able to make an honest living.

Shania Twain: Simply because the music she has recorded has spoken to me on so many levels. She is my shehero.

Audrey Hepburn: Quiet Introvert, yet from photos you see of her, she has a playful side.

Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett: Their comedy. I love their faces when they perform. They are comedic geniuses.

Grace Kelly: Simply put, for her Grace.


Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman: Because they have FUN!!! They don’t take the fact that they are both famous bog them down.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill: For their loyalty. You can tell the way that they look at each other that they truly love and are utterly devoted to each other.

Now having said all that…..

Looking back at this list in the males, I see my person. He is smart, funny (oh how he can make me laugh),  he has a great smile, dimples (although he denies that), great eyes, a ponytail, a beard, has style and he is so gentle with me (now that is class),  he has that attitude of I am going to do me, he is a thinker, and an inventor/designer. He is that quiet, thinking person who sees far more than he ever says.  And his voice, we won’t talk about what happens to me physically when he says my name .

Looking at the list of females: I somewhat see myself. I am a country girl who would like to go places, yet my roots run deep. I have had to conjure up more strength than I ever thought I could. I can be quiet,  funny, playful, graceful or tough.

So maybe the person I would like to photograph most would be him because if you take all the reasons why I want to photograph all the others, well they all tie back into what fascinates me about my person. Those things I find so wonderful about him, those things that make him sexy as hell.

The couples listed…. well that is what I want in life. Fun and loyalty.

I didn’t really think about it until I was typing this blog. I looked at images of these folks last night and I made a list (yes, I am a list maker) of why. As I was typing it, I saw the similarities between what I  was seeing and who I see it in. Kind of funny where your heart goes when your mind wanders. That is HOME!!!


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