At Midnight I Was In The Gym…

So, I have been dealing with something nobody and I mean nobody knows about. I have been having some health issues.

I haven’t said anything because I don’t want to worry anyone. Not that many people would worry about me anyway.

I have decided to start working out again. I need to get back outdoors and get some steps in. I need to hit the gym more. I need to watch better what I put into my body.  I simply need to take care of the house that my soul dwells in.

I have been working on the inside changes. I am learning to take care of my spirit. I am learning that there must be changes when things are not right. Stagnant water is useless. If I am stagnant, does the same not apply to me.

 Today, I went for a two hour hike. I could have made excuses. It was cold. It was windy. It would have been easy to say no not today. Why not today? There might not be a tomorrow if some things don’t change.

I took my camera with me and got some amazing photos. I braved up to 55 mph wind gusts to get the photos. I stood on the edge of rocks to get these photos. Along my hike I met a new friend. He was walking up to where I had been as I was walking down. We were both very happy to be where we were.

I told someone about it later and their response was “You are gonna wind up on a milk carton some day and nobody is gonna know what happened except the chipmunks.” I said well, you better learn to speak chipmunk.

After my hike, I took a nap, it might have been to late in the evening for me to rest tonight. As I lay in my bed, I felt some of those questions start rising up in me again.

I could lay here and be miserable or I could hit the gym so at midnight I am in the gym riding the recumbent bike. I did 6 levels on it and did 20 reps at 40 lbs on the crunch machine. I had my power music in blaring in my ears. Songs life Confident, Dark Horse, Don’t Stop Believing.

I wasn’t much of a work out but using my physical muscles allowed my brain a little bit of relief.

I have set a lofty goal for myself, it would be easier with help but I have done it before alone.

So, work on the inside shall continue, work on the outside has begun, next is the diet and cutting out some of those bad habits we all lean on in times of stress.


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