Mozart, Makeup and a Stroll Through My Backpack

Today, when I woke up, I knew I was in for a long night at work.

Honestly, sometimes you just feel it. When I logged onto social media, I saw that what I feared was correct.

I got up and fused some glass and was very excited how it turned out. I still couldn’t shake that feeling though, it was gonna be rough. It was, I knew it.

I put on some Mozart. I poured a cup of coffee and I sat there. I didn’t focus on anything but the fact that I was sitting in my sacred space, listening to this beautiful music and drinking the elixir I crave upon waking.

I took deep breaths, centered myself and began to get ready for work.

The music was still playing when I went into the bathroom to put on my makeup. I noticed that I was applying the cosmetics as lightly as the strains of the notes wafting from my bedroom.

I wasn’t applying the makeup for anyone except myself. I just needed to feel good about my place in the world.

When I finished, I started collecting the items I would be bringing tonight, just hoping for a few minutes to work on something I find relaxing. I am one of those people whose mind works all the time. I need to have something to work on.Down time is ummm…  painful for me.

I looked through my back pack. What do I keep for the night and what do I leave at home.

The pieces of glass I showed to an artist friend of mind last night was in the bag. Those were removed. The pieces I was ready to put onto chains and make jewelry with, they were set aside to put back in the bag. My Bible was in there. A book was in there. My journal was in there. Those would all stay. My pens were in there. I would need those.

I wanted to paint tonight. Not “normal” painting. I put a small black canvas in the bag, some canvas panels, metallic paints, and makeup sponges. Don’t judge me. I am not a good painter, I do it for relaxation and exploration.

Having everything packed, I loaded the car and I set off.

I was right, it was a rough night but I was mentally, emotionally and physically prepared as I had slept well today.

When things slowed down, I made a  whimsical  painting of the top of a rabbits head. The young woman who came to spend time with me at one point asked me which was my favorite Disney movie and I told her Beauty and the Beast, she did me a silhouette of them dancing and gave it to me. As we painted we had a very nice conversation.

So, now that I am learning to relax before battle, Beauty is ready to dance with the beast.

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