Getting It Off Your Shoulders….

Have you ever held a secret so close to your chest that it almost smothered you???

You don’t deal with the root of the issue when it happens and then suddenly life slam dunks it in your face!!!

Well, that happened to me recently. It brought everything back to me. Something happened and to avoid conflict, I protected myself and I buried what I knew deep inside.  The trust that was there is gone. You lead by example.

As a person who values mercy over justice (in most cases), I chose to change my life around when it became too much to bear.It built gradually until I had to make a change. The change came from more than that but the was when the fuse was lit.  Then suddenly someone you love is on the other side of the fence.

Everything come rushing back to you and you are left in this place of wondering if you did the right thing or the wrong thing.

Tonight, I was having a conversation and suddenly, it was out. I hadn’t planned on telling this secret, ever , but there it was. Hanging in the air. I told everything. I felt some relief saying it to someone I trust and respect. It was a weight off of me. It was like and elephant got off my chest after a very long time.

Mercy was granted in both situations. I guess I did do the right thing. Time will tell.


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