Perfect in Imperfection…


Life does imitate art. I learned this lesson even more when I was attempted to fuse glass this morning.

My base was white. The frit I was going to use was red and black. Piece with red and black are a favorite combo of mine when making jewelry.

I did everything just so to make sure this piece would be successful. I had a plan. I took my time and got the frit placed just so and I fired the piece.

I took it out and allowed it to cool for 30 minutes as with each piece I do. When I removed the lid to the kiln, much to my disappointment, all the planning I had done was for nothing. It had turned out nothing like I thought it would. The glass during firing had cracked in three pieces.

I took it off the kiln paper and laid it down to finish cooling. I then went to bed, kind of confused  that it hadn’t gone exactly as I had expected.

I lay there in bed and ran scenarios through my head. Had I fired it too long? Was there a flaw in the glass? I am new at this, I didn’t know what had gone wrong. It had just gone wrong.

When I woke up this afternoon, I rinsed the piece and looked at it closer.

Here is what I noticed. Yes, the base piece had broken in three places, yet the pieces were still attached. The black and red frit had shifted as they had heated up and had filled in the cracks in the glass and connected the broken base. It stood in the gap and made sure that although “flawed” it still made an interesting piece.

Much like life, when those cracks in our life  appear, it is those who love us that fill in the gap and keep us in one piece. We in return do the same for them. Give and take, tit for tat, the Golden Rule. Simple things really, just making sure those little things are taken care of. Reminding them to care for themselves. Letting them know that you are there when they feel like they have lost their way just a bit.

The photos above are the final product. It is not what I planned on but for me it is an interesting piece. It will not be for sale. It is one I will keep for my person collection, simply for the story it tells.

It may not turn out the way  we thought, it may turn out wayyyyy more interesting.

Art imitating life, perfect in imperfection.


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