We All Need That One Person…

In times of stress, I close myself off from most people. If I want to talk, I will to the persons I wish to talk to. I all but shutdown. Shutdown in 3….2….1!!!  I don’t share those most personal moments with just anyone.

Some people during times of trouble come out to see what they can find out and tell. I choose to keep my circle small for just this reason. If I want to talk about something you will know it. If not, it isn’t happening.

We all have that one person, the one  we share our everything with. The good, the bad, our hopes, dreams, joys and fears.

This is the person you do not  ever close yourself off from.

They are that person you want to hold you when you just need to feel that someone cares. That person you want to hear their heart beat. That person who will make sure you are taking care of yourself, while you are in the heat of battle.

This is the person who when you try something new, you want them to be the first to see what you have been experimenting with.

They are also that person who, when you cuddle up to your pillow to sleep, you imagine what it would be like if it were them, what they will feel like if you laid your head on their chest with their arms wrapped around you. You know it would feel like home; for this is the place you long to belong. Then you let your mind begin to wander.

At least, that’s the way it is for me.

They are the person who can make you laugh when you want to cry. They will let you cry if you need to, they will sweep you away so for just a little while life seems perfectly normal even if it isn’t at that moment.

They will even stand with you on the side of a windswept mountain as you just stand there silent, holding back the scream that is longing to escape you because this is where you find peace.

Then they will ask question like; have you eaten? What could you eat? Do you have food in the house? Are you sleeping? Those questions that they know the answer to even before they ask but they will go and feed you just so you have a hot meal in your belly and then they will ask you to rest and to provide some self care.

In my world, that person is MY PERSON.

Not a lot of people are as blessed as I to have such a person in their world. If you do have this person in your life, appreciate them. I know I try to.


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