The Necklace….

My sister is sick. The person who I envied for the life she lives. She has a family, children and grand children. She has a fine home, good paying job with great benefits and the whole works.

Yet with all of those things going on for her, she got sick.

She is getting better but it hurts me to see her. When I visited last night, I left with an aching heart; more than it hurt before.

I noticed she was quite through the holidays but I never really thought anything about it.

It wasn’t until she took a drastic step to end her pain that I realized that she may have envied my life more than I envied hers.

I have often said that you can feel totally alone in a room full of people or you can feel enraptured when you are with that right person. It is true. She is living proof.

While she has been on the mend, the one thing that she has worried about is the necklace that our mom gave her for Christmas. She gave us both one. My sister worried about what happen to her necklace and last night when I went to visit her, she only asked me for one thing. “Find my necklace. I was holding it.” It wasn’t just a request, it was a plea.

It is important because our mom gave it to her.

As I looked at her promising to find out what happened to the necklace, I saw the person who had let me sleep on her arm on the nights I couldn’t sleep. The girl who would give me her quarter everyday for ice cream because I would lose mine every day. EVERY DAY!!

The person who the one time she heard a bully make a fat joke about me, picked him up by his collar and tell him it would not be in his best interest to ever do that again.

Now here she is and she needs help and the only thing she is asking of me is to find her necklace. She would have a necklace even if I had to take mine off and give it to her. If it meant that much to her, she would get a necklace.

When I visited, I went in with the 6 year old. Send the two wild ones in together. We were the comic relief.  There were funny moments when the young one sat on her bed and said “this bed sure is comfortable”, my sister didn’t quite agree but she never said anything. Then, my sister asked the little one if she would sit with her in her favorite chair when she got home. The little ones reply was yes and we will eat cookies after we bake them.

This is one of those moments when all our lives will change in some form or fashion but of course hers will change the most.

The good news is today she is much better and we were able to tell her that her necklace is at her home, laying on her bed, waiting for her to return. At least she has that off her mind. She was so relieved.

I didn’t get to see her today because I had to work and she has limited visiting hours. Our mom told her on the phone that I couldn’t come and why then my niece told her when she went to the hospital.

We may not run in the same social circles, may not have the same friends, we don’t spend that much time together but she is my sister. I love her. It is that simple. We may fight with each other but when it hits the fan, we fight for each other with everything we have in us, we fight.

And at this moment, we are all fighting for her.

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