Wow….what a dream…..

I just awoke from a dream. Before you think okay, another bad dream, au contaire, my friend.

I was dreaming of him. We were locked in a moment where all defenses were down. I was rubbing his beard and suddenly he pushes my hands down, gently caresses my face and leans down and devours my lips with his kiss.

It was almost as if it were truly happening. One of those things I long for but dare to speak. I felt his hands caress my face, I heard his breath as he was leaning down towards me, the flutter of my eyelashes against my cheek as I closed my eyes, I felt my lips part slightly awaiting the moment that his lips touched mine.  I felt the pressure as the kiss began and the lightening bolts of electricity as our sighs intermingled. I felt myself give into this thing I have wanted for so very long.

When I awoke, I realized that somehow, in my sleep, I had crossed my arms between my breasts and my hands had embraced my own face.

That subconscious longing had willed my physical body to move so that upon waking up it was as if he were making contact with my skin.

My wish is that as he lay in his bed, he was thinking or dreaming of the same thing and that somewhere our spirits were in union and between the two of us, he was  making a Tantric connection with me.


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