I Want To Be A Steampunk Princess…

I love all things steampunk.

When I sit and daydream, when I allow myself a chance to just daydream and fantasize, this is where my mind goes when I actually fantasize.

I recently looked at one of the social media pages and found what my steampunk name would be; I, in steampunk world is Lady Dorcas Knight Topper. My person, his name would be Baron Leopold Clanking Feather. Wouldn’t it be so cool to be known by names like that. The song Royals comes to mind.

I see myself in, top hat complete with gears and goggles setting atop, the full Victorian skirt with matching jacket and of course wearing a corset underneath, black leather heels with buckles, oh so many buckles. In my mind everything is turquoise, my favorite color, except the corset and the shoes.

My hair is fixed just so and my make up in impeccable.

He is dressed in dapper attire, including his top hat and his pocket watch worn in the double Albert style in his vest under his waist coat.

I see myself lounging on a fainting couch or stepping into a golden elevator,  us standing by a lamp post on a foggy evening, in on the porch of a Victorian era home or a castle library, or boarding a steam train. No matter where I see myself, I see him with me. We are having a merry time and flirting in the manner of the day. The  promise things not being said are so much louder than the words actually escaping our lips. Sigh……

This is just a random post about the things I see in my mind, that I don’t speak of.

And now that I have shared my musings, I will now return to reality.


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