On the Other Side…

Tonight on my watch, a woman died.

There was nothing I could do to stop it.

Everyone done exactly what they were supposed to do but it wasn’t meant to be.

I didn’t know her personally but God did, does and will.

She was walking through her home and suddenly she wasn’t there anymore.

I broke an unwritten rule. I sat here and I cried. Not for me, not even for her; I cried for her husband who tomorrow morning will wake up to an entirely new existence. The sun will rise tomorrow. I remember that first night. I also remember that the sun came up the next day. I also knew that escaping a sick earthly home is a gift. Still I hurt. This gentleman will hurt also.

I know what that is like. It isn’t easy. As I sat here, I thought of this song that brought me such peace in those early days. I would sit and listen to this song, tears rolling down my face but knowing that he had no more pain or suffering.

I don’t know how this husbands peace will come, but it will. God provides us peace when it is needed most.

In this world where everyone thinks that they will live forever, we are reminded that it is appointed to man (and woman) to leave this mortal clay at their assigned time.

Share your I love yous today. You may not have tomorrow or that person that you love might not have a tomorrow. They might be on the other side.


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