I Talk to Butterflies…

It has been kind of a tough week.

The place I was displaying  my jewelry suddenly shut down. A board I have bent over backwards to help I was asked if I wanted to be reelected. I have been trying to get off it for more than a year. So no. I went to a viewing for a former co-workers daughter and was reminded of how short life can be. And also realized that my former co-workers sort of see me leadership roll. I had to deal with some of my not favorite people to get a lead to get my work into a local craft fair. I found out that one of my photos is being displayed in a store front in town without my permission.

My sleep pattern is all to hell-o. I have been dreading this week at work. It had not been a great couple of days.

Yesterday was nice. I got to spend some time with my person. We had lunch. Just time to be together with out someone walking into our conversation.

To talk about plans and what I am learning on a new subject that I am studying. I know I sounded dumb to him. He knows way more on the subject than I do, I remind myself that I am just learning.

As we were standing outside the restaurant, we were talking and suddenly, as huge butterfly flew right toward me. Now where we live it is pretty late to see butterflies. It was a straggler.  Not thinking about it, I did what I always do. I said “Hello Friend”. It is what I do.

I have a special connection with butterflies. They serve as a source of inspiration to me. They helped me to tell my own life story.

I didn’t think anything of it until I heard him say, “she just saw a butterfly’, it was at that point I realized a woman had walked out of the restaurant and apparently thought I was talking to her.

OOOOOOPPPPSSSS!!! Needless to say I was embarrassed. I am not going to say I was embarrassed that I paid homage to one of the things that inspire me, I was just embarrassed that this poor woman walking out minding her own business now probably thinks I am a loon and of course that my person saw her see my weirdness.

That’s fine. I knew what I was doing. I believe that if you honor things and people in your life, you are honored in return.

Today was a complete turn around. I got things done. I got some new leads on some things. I slept. It was a new day.

Did the butterfly have something to do with it? I don’t know. I am just glad I got to see the straggler and that on it’s journey to where it is going, I got to say hello, if only for a moment.


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