When Morning Comes…

When morning comes for others, I am going to sleep.

As others are getting home from work, my “day” is beginning.

I leave work and depending on my schedule one of two things happen. I either go to my second job creating a 16 to 17 hour day or I go home and start to settle my mind.

I have taken up a couple of new habits that seem to help me rest better.

That is more what I want to talk about ; what happens when I go home when morning comes.

First when I get off work, I go and get something to eat. I didn’t use to do that but I won’t eat again before evening. I should have food.

I go to my dwelling place and unload the items I brought back from work, gather my breakfast food and carry everything into the house. I put my work bag in its proper  place.

I sit my “lunch” bag on the counter and unload anything that might need to be refrigerated.

I then go and get out of my uniform and into something more comfortable. Then I sit. That’s it. I just sit and listen to myself breathe. I try not to think about anything for a few minutes. This can be hard. It is hard not to think about that person who makes your heart smile or what happened the night before or what you should be doing instead of just being. Being a human “being” and not a human “doing” is difficult for me but I am trying to make better choices.

After I have cleared my mind and just sat for a while I will eat my breakfast. Once I have consumed a food like substance, I write in my journal. I write about what I am feeling right at that moment. It is cleansing for me to clear the last thoughts of the day before out of my system or write my dreams or my desires in ink.

Once I do that it is time for me to send one special message welcoming someone to their day as my “day” ends.

That is what happens when morning comes.


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