Sometimes All You Can Do is Pray…

On Monday, she sent me a message asking me if it would be okay if she put me down as a job reference. I told her sure.

On Tuesday, I dreamed about her mother. It was so odd that I made mention of it to my mom.

On Saturday, she is brain dead.

They have called in all the family and I sit here, wondering if I should have just picked up the phone and called her mom, I simply had no idea that this was going to be the thing that I dreamed about.

There was no way that anyone saw it coming. There was no way that, even if she had been standing in the hospital instead of laying in her bed at her home, it would have mattered.

She is 10 years younger than I am. She has 3 children. She has a husband.

Everybody in the small town where we live is shocked.

I sit here in the darkness and in the silence wondering.

There are truly no words to be said that will comfort the hearts of her family. All I can do is whisper a prayer.


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