What Happens At 3 AM

It is 3 AM. I am at work. It is quite. Okay, in my line of work you NEVER use that word.

You have 3 and half hours left of your 12 hour shift.

You try to wrap your head around the 3-D printing on-line class you have signed up for but you can’t focus. Your mind has been active for a good while now and you know that sleep is closer than it has been since you opened your eyes yesterday.

It is in those wee hours that you could get really lonely. Everyone else you know is sleeping.

Instead, I use my time to imagine.

Some thoughts that come into your mind, well when your defenses are down, your thoughts go to that place you want to be and that person you want to be with.

Some may call it inappropriate. Some may call it fantasy. At 3 AM, there is no one around to distract that little world you have allowed yourself to enter.

You just let your mind wander and imagine and ask what if …. You think about him. You wonder if he is awake in the middle of the night thinking about you.

You enjoy the silence with a sly smile at 3 AM


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