Free Fallin’

I am one of those people who works towards deadlines. I need to see the end goal.  I guess it from years of working in businesses that have the mentality that the world is going to stop spinning if a deadline is not met. Focus on the task at hand and move on to the next.

I work well with deadlines. I have had two weddings and a chance to sell my jewelry in the last month.

I knew when everything was happening, plan accordingly. I did.  I need to be here by this time, they will tell me if I need to be somewhere. I just need to kind of have a plan when it comes to those things.

My question is…now what??

I don’t have anything in the planning. I don’t have a deadline to meet. Yet, this part stresses me out more than having too much to do.

I call it free falling. When there is something to do, I am working toward it, studying it, learning the ins and outs. Now there is nothing to plan.

I call it free falling. There are things I could be doing. Organizing, cleaning, laundry, resting those are some of the things I should be  doing.

Yet, I don’t want to be alone right now. I know how this goes, I am very busy and I get things done then when there is nothing to do, I get in my own head. Sometimes that is not so good.

I know it a good time to plan for possible other things I could do. It should be a time for me to learn something new. I have done the work, now it should be time to rest.

My mind is setting up a list of things for me to do, organize photos, rework my jewelry web site, take photos of some of the new pieces I have made. There are things I could be doing but for now I will just think about it.

After the rush of being so busy when I free fall, I plummet. I have to be careful, it has happened before, now the question is, have I learned from the past??


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