The View From The Darkness of The Night….

I spend my nights working. I sleep when everyone else I know is awake.

I am a very, I guess, ritualistic in how I handle my night.

A great deal of the time I am here alone. Occasionally, there are people that walk through or they have to be in their part of the office but in large, my time is spent alone.

They only noises I hear are the small TV in the corner, dings from a computer, voices over a radio, a printer when I need to print off information. This allows my thoughts to wander.

Around 1 a.m. I get up from my chair walk to the other side of the cube and I flip off the light switch. I have been under fluorescent lights for a few hours by this time. Everything for me during my shift happens in this area. Since I am here for 12 hours I have to bring things to keep my mind busy.

As I am looking out from my darkened room I see lights in the lobby; where the snack and soda machine live,  the lights are on in the area behind me and up 3 different hallways, and right smack dab in the middle of it, here I sit in the darkness.

This is the time when I edit photos, plan for future projects, let my mind wander but mostly I think of him. Is he sleeping well? I haven’t heard from him in a few hours, was his day all he hoped it would be? If he has awakened during the night, has he wondered how I am handling my night like I have wondered how he is doing.

What I do is very solitary. I work in the night when I am on my shift, I work a great deal at night when I am off shift. Ironically, the show on the tv right now is the show that plays as my back ground noise when I am at home (at least for now).

It is funny the things you think about when you sit in the dark. You think about those you love, the things you enjoy doing, you study those things you want to learn and you somehow tend to grow as a person.

Sit in the dark sometime and see if you are one of those night blooming flowers.


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