Sometimes you have to go back….

I  sold a piece of jewelry to a lady who works at the place where the very moment of chapter two of my life began. She works at the place where, when I walked out some odd 5 years ago, everything had changed.

I didn’t not go inside. I haven’t been back through those doors since June 2011.

I waited outside for her to get off work so I could deliver the jewelry to her.

As I sat there for a moment, I saw that woman who was so stoic as she walked out those doors and noticed that the sun was still shining.

I thought about how far she has come to be the person she is (I am) today.

It was a very uphill struggle for a long time but even in the midst of the fog of grief, there was a sun shining in the distance. The toughest part was working through the fog and getting to the place where the sun was shining.

There were lots of people who were patient with me as I struggled to gain my footing on this slippery slope I was walking. There were people who loved me who didn’t know how to help because they had never been here before. I hadn’t either. I hid from the world. If it didn’t feel safe, I didn’t go there.

How with a great deal of effort to hold on to a career that was sucking my soul dry, I took a leap of faith and changed careers totally. It also thought about how that simple change, made such a difference in my life. A block that had been there for so very long was removed and my creativity was allowed to flow into my own projects.

Sometimes, you just have to go back and realize how far you have come.


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