I Am She…

I am she who works around men all the time and only has eyes for one person.

I am she who wears a uniform yet underneath, I wear those things that remind me I am a woman. A strong, healthy, vibrant woman.

I am she who has wants, needs and desires, yet she fear rejection if she gives voice to them. So I keep them to myself.

I am she who is with people who are scared, hurting, lonely and sad when they enter the world in which I work.

I am she how has to be strong when others are falling apart. I will fall apart later when no one is around. I will shed tears before I sleep.

I am she who struggles to do it right, better than right.

I am she who is trying to pave a new path but get frustrated with myself when  it seems to take too long for things to happen. I search my soul to see what I am doing wrong.

I am she who longs to be told that she is smart, funny and beautiful. I am she who wants to be successful, whatever that may be. I am she who wants to fly so I study butterflies and birds to see who they wibble and wabble or soar either way, they get to their destination.

I am she who longs to be more than she is. More than that girl from so long ago could not have ever imagined.

I am she……..


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