We All Have Our Talents…

I, along with the rest of the world, have been watching the Olympics.

These are the best of the best from the country that they represent. They have been training a lifetime for this moment. Some are just beginning this journey, others are ending that part of their life.

Each one, did their best. Here is what you didn’t see. You didn’t sprinters doing gymnastics, you didn’t see gymnasts pole vaulting, you didn’t see vaulters diving, you didn’t see divers playing soccer, your didn’t see soccer players swimming and you didn’t see swimmers running.

Why?? Because that is not where their talent lies. A swimmers talent is to swim, a gymnasts talent is gymnastics, so forth and so on. Sure a sprinter may swim, they are just more talented at running.

Yesterday in my life, I tended to downplay my own talents.

I didn’t mean to but I did. Twice…

I can sing. I love to sing. Just not in front of people. I lead the choir with ease because I am not looking at the people sitting in the congregation, I am looking at those people in the choir.

My 12 year old great niece was born with a song in her heart. She was born with under developed lungs but she has surely made good use of them singing like a bird. The bigger the crowd, the better she likes it.

Yesterday, I was asked to sing at a gathering in the park. I sang one song by myself and I sang one with my girls. The one I sang by myself, I watched the clouds. The one I sang with them, I sang to the floor of the stage we stood on. I was singing harmony so I had to sing off them.  I couldn’t look at the crowd.

As I came off the stage, people told me it was beautiful. My response, those girls sure can sing. Nothing about me, just them.

After that, I went and had a lunch meeting with my person and another person. They were talking about all this technical stuff that they do, I am amazed by how much they know and how easily they can talk about it and I struggle with it. I like to do it, I think it is really cool, will I ever be able to do what they do, probably not, although I work on learning more about it by working with it, I will never have their level of working knowledge.

I sat there in quite fascination at what they were talking about and I said “And I’m just sitting over here playing with glue”. I owe them both an apology.

Yes, what I do is not as technical as what they do, although some of it could be added to what I do and make a collaborative project. My talent is taking bits, baubles, take things and give them a new life that they were not actually designed for and make something pretty.

Is it going to  change the world? Probably not. Might it make someone happy? Quite possibly. It might change their world.

So I am not a pole vaulter swimming in the Olympics, I am a “pole vaulter” trying to get off the ground. I haven’t made it to the podium just yet, but maybe one day.


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