It Is All Happening at Once….

I am slightly overwhelmed in a good way. Things I have been working for are falling into place. They problem is that things were so bad for so long, I don’t want to miss this chance by being afraid.

I have been afraid of so many things for so very long that I have made it a life style.

People are starting to take notice. I have worn my person and my best friend ragged trying to convince me that it is not a fluke, that it is my time to shine.

It will be up to me what I do with the gifts I have been given. It is up to me to put my foot forward and step into the water not knowing which way the current will carry me.

Am I scared? Surely!!! This time however, I am not cowering in the corner. I am attempting to make the most of what has been laid out before me.

I am just amazed it is like when the blessing rained down from above, the flood gates opened and I am most thankful.


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