The Boss Says….

I work one of those jobs where holidays and weekends aren’t really a thing anymore. You work when you work, you’re off when you’re off and someone HAS to be there 24/7.  What you do is enjoy every moment of time off and sunshine that you can.

It is the first day of the long week. The first day, you don’t sleep as much as you do the other days. You have slept the night before. You body is in flux. It doesn’t know what it needs.

This was also the first day with the weight lifting coach. She knows her stuff, she has been doing it for years and she will not let you do it  wrong. You can get hurt real quick.

I had uped my steps on my fitbit step count this weekend. You wouldn’t think setting that thing up 2,000 steps would make a difference, let me tell you it does. My stumpy little legs are feeling it.

The weekend I was alone.

I didn’t prefer to be alone but I was, so I made the most of it.

I walked around the local park, the local high school track, up the hill to another park. I put in my music, zoned out and started walking.

I let the music set the pace for when my feet hit the ground… the playlist includes songs like “Roar”, “Another One Bites the Dust”, “What are You Waiting For”, “Try Everything”, “Be Good To Yourself”, “Carry On”, “Me Too”, “No”, “I Was Here”, “Work”, “Wild Child”, there are others but these are some of my favs. When Carry On is playing and I hear “If you’re lost and alone or you’re sinking like a stone, carry on, may your path be the sound of your feet upon the ground”, I feel like they are singing right to me. Whatever, you have to carry on.

On Saturday we had our small town Independence Day Parade. The streets were lined with people and I didn’t know anyone near me. I was alone but behind the camera, I was invisible.   I did get some fantastic images of the fire trucks and old cars that I played with and they turned out great. They ceased being photos many edits back but I thought they were awesome.  Then I went and bowled a couple of games, by myself,  it was cool inside and I was tired of looking at the same things, even Oscar (the red breasted bird) and Felix (the bird with the yellow feathers). I rode miles and miles on nothing but dirt roads.

On Sunday, I went to church, went to lunch with the family and becoming bored with walking around the local walking areas, I hit the road. I wound up in a park in another town and I walked there. There were different things to see so while I was walking, I made some decisions.

I am my own cheerleader when I am walking. I am the boss, I can quit anytime I want  but the boss doesn’t quit and believe me, there are times I want to; but then, I see what it is doing for me. I can climb a hill and be less out of breath, my uniform pants are already beginning to fit me a little less snugly. I feel better about the skin I am in and it is helping me mentally and creatively. I can go walk and come back home and work like a bandit. It is showing in the sales on my site as well. I am more rested both mentally and physically.

It is a challenge I undertook for one reason and I am finding it to be beneficial to me, for a totally different reason.

I am expending more physical energy so I am worrying less about what I am always doing wrong, no matter what is going on in my life, I have  always been made to feel like it is my fault. I did something wrong. I cause it, whatever it is. That should stop…. yesterday.

 I am always worrying about why my jewelry is not selling, I am worrying about something or someone at all time.

That is useless. It is a waste of energy. It is wasting my life, all this worrying.

Now, with aching legs, I worry less. I don’t want to sleep the whole day away. I want to get up and move. I want to do it the right way this time, not just getting the cardio but also toning as I go, this is what I lacked last time; of course, last time it was a whole different reason for me to walk, it was a survival walk. I did it to save my life.

So when my legs hurt, when I am tired, when I am sweaty, when I look like crap, when I am out of breath, I am the one who encourages me to move forward. Just one more step, just one more lap, just one …..

I didn’t meet my goal today. Am I disappointed??? Nah, I tried. I got up and I walked, I toned, I ate better, I drank more water. Did I get 12,000 steps no but I took the most important one, the first one.

So the boss says that’s okay, you can try again tomorrow.


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