Being the Only Girl in the Boys Club…

In my job, I am the only female in the office on my shift.

Most of the time the guys are out of the office.

When things are quite that is when I spend time working on my interests. I write this blog, work on my jewelry. edit photos or research some things I am interested in learning more about.

When they come into the office though, work, research and whatever else stops. They talk amongst themselves and I mostly listen. From time to time I throw in my opinion but mostly I just listen.  When one of them let a curse word slip, he looked at me and apologized.

Tonight they came in once and I was working on images for my jewelry page.

The next time they came in I was researching parks and hiking trails close to where we live and in surround states.

Last time they came in I was looking hydroponics and aquaponics. This came from a conversation with my person and I just wanted to read up some on the subject, so I can talk to him about it with some intelligence. I actually did learn a bit about it and it is very cool what can be done.

One of the younger guys was talking to me about how much I was walking and I told him I am working on eliminating any excuses I had. I carry my walking clothes and shoes with me. I told him that I wanted to do some hiking and that having always been heavy, it is a struggle for me to keep my weight down. We talked about when we were younger and how whenever anyone found out the fat girl had a crush on them it was terrible. I told him how I never really dated in high school because of it. How that from time to time she comes by for a visit simply a a reminder.

He then said something that kind of took me by surprise, he said you know you are a strong woman. You have over come a lot of things and you are always working on something or looking up something trying to learn more. That is pretty cool. I really admire you.

Here is this 25 year old, strong, strapping kid who is young enough to be my son and honestly I guess I treat him like I would my son, telling me that he admires me, for simply being who I am and doing what I like to do.

Now that was pretty cool.


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