Moments That Truly Leave You In Awe…

In my last post, I told you that exploration was planned, sort of.

Well, I decided not to have a plan. Everything was going to be serendipitous. It was an adventure so let fate have her way.

What we found was beyond amazing. It was one of the most beautiful spots I have been allowed to see with these human eyes.

I looked at the mammoth stone that dwarfed both of us. I saw it first. I was so taken by it that I totally missed the waterfall beside it and I LOVE waterfalls. My person noticed it before I did. I pull the car off the side of this winding little country road that we were on, not even being sure which of the three states we traveled through that we were in at the moment.

We got out of the car and looked at the beauty around us. Whenever I find a spot like this I always compare it to the Garden of Eden. I know of two locations that I have said that about. This one though…Oh MY GOSH!!

We looked at the rock formations, we looked at the waterfall, we took some photos, my excitement was so high that it took me a moment to get to that place of awe.

I stood there and tears began to stream down my face, to be here in this place, at this time, with this man, looking at what I was seeing, I couldn’t hold back what I was feeling inside.

The joy of it all welled up inside me until it ran down my cheeks.

I turned and looked at him and said when you look at things like this, everything else is bullshit. All the little things that we worry over from day to day, in that moment nothing else mattered. It made me realize that how small I was in the big scheme of things. In that moment I was truly living.

He smiled and me and said I wondered how long it was going to take you to get it.

It was an amazing day and one for which I am truly thankful.


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