I Got In My 10,000…

So I am working on my diet and exercise plan. It is not to lose weight exactly. When I “go on a diet” I stress myself out. When I make healthier choices, I tend to lose the weight. I have made a promise to myself to do better.

I am working on quitting a bad habit that is not healthy for me.

I was able to tell some of my family members that I couldn’t drop what I was doing to go and take care of what they need. I have a bad habit of doing that and not taking care of myself.

 Today, I chose to take care of me.

I want to be here for my person, I don’t want to miss a single moment with him;  for my friends, who put up with my crazy and support my out of the box ideas;  for those who love me for just the quirky person I am. These are the people who love and support me just for me.

I feel like I owe it to the people who have been there for me to be there for them. And to be the best version of me possible.

I started working on me for real this morning. I went and walked 5,000 steps before breakfast. I sat and cleared my mind. I hydrated. I ate food.

I took time to enjoy nature.

I just let the day fold out as it should.

I went for a walk before I came into work to prepare my mind to be present.

As I was walking around the office, I got my 10,000th step. I didn’t stress myself over getting them. When I just let it work itself out, it did. Life lesson learned.


3 thoughts on “I Got In My 10,000…

  1. Choosing healthy lifestyle has become so difficult. I try to change and motivate myself every single day. I am glad to read this post, I have to resume my workout regime. Thanks for sharing!


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