A View of the World from Inside an Ambiverted, Menopausal, Gemini Woman

It is not a surprise that a Gemini would test to be an ambivert.

It is the perfect storm. You are of two minds on most things except those things that you are 100% certain.

It like two prepubescent sisters attached at the brain.

One wants to be pretty and dress up, makeup, heels, and bling she wants to be told she is pretty. The other wants to throw on a tank top, denim shorts and a snap back and just chill.

One wants to focus. The other bounces around like a howler monkey on crack.

One wants her house neat and organized. The other has 99 projects to work on at the same time. So the house usually looks like a cluster. Until the IDG slams her foot down and they both clean.

Some days you eat like a horse and the next day you don’t eat a bite.

One has so much energy and the other one wouldn’t care if she didn’t get out of bed for days.

One wants to isolate. The other screams for company.

One is stand and fight, the other is run and hide.

One wants to be social but the noise is drowning to the introvert in you, to the extrovert in you, silence is deafening. So you keep you conversations one on one most of the time.

Take all this and throw it into menopause. Mood swings are varied and brutal.

I went from a job that was both physically and mentally demanding to one that is totally mental.

My fitbit is telling me some things.

I am not getting enough steps in on a regular basis. When I don’t get enough exercise, it shows up in how restless I am during my sleep.

When I don’t get enough exercise, I overthink everything. You have to use up energy some way. If you don’t fire off one set of neurons, another is going to fire. ¬†If your body doesn’t use the energy you mind will and that can be dangerous.

So…..as of today, I am changing things up. I went today and got in half the steps I need in a days time. I then came back home and took a nap.

I have packed walking clothes so they will be in my car at all times. Remove the excuses. Before I come home from work in the mornings, I will walk. I know how many steps it is for me around the course I walk. I will work my way up from here. I will fire of those happy little neurons and silently quieten the worry warts.

It is an experiment. I like experiments. This time I am the guinea pig.

BALANCE…..that’s a nice word, balance.


2 thoughts on “A View of the World from Inside an Ambiverted, Menopausal, Gemini Woman

  1. This chimes with my life at the moment. I feel stimulated but also drained from work and need some physical exercise combined with surroundings which satisfy my need and curiosity for natural beauty and man made creativity.. I am also a gemini and can emphasize with all you’ve written, down to the practical details of keeping walking clothes in the notcar. i keep a pair of walking shoes in the car – a change of clothes is going the whole way though. As a gemini I love the idea of changing from a work day me to another. ie. journey, change, beauty and creativity, moving forward, fun and learning.


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