Two Tigers…

Do you ever feel certain things are just out of your out of your grasp. That no matter how hard you try, when you reach as far as you can reach you still can’t attain that thing.

That no matter what you do, it will never be good enough. Someone is always going to be bigger, better, faster, stronger, more attractive, smarter, more loved,  more this, more that….

There is always going to be someone who has that thing you long for.

I heard a metaphor today that really hit home with me, you are being chased by a tiger toward a cliff, your choices are to jump over the cliff or face the tiger. You jump off the cliff and are hanging by a tree branch. A twig, really that is pulling out of the side of the mountain. You look down only seeing another tiger waiting for you to fall. Trapped between the two tigers, you look over and see a wild strawberry and with your free hand you reach over a grasp it. You place it into your mouth and taste its sweetness. And in that moment you realize it is the best strawberry you have ever tasted. (This is a punched up version of the metaphor.)

It made me think a great deal of my own life. You are running from whatever your tiger is only to realize that there is another waiting for you with baited breath. He doesn’t have to do anything, just wait.

Those things in life that you enjoy, those people who make you feel like you are someone of value, well, those are you strawberries.

Like your best friend, you have a language all your own. There is a transfer of thought that says, say a prayer for me or I may kill these people, or I can’t what is on my mind right now but I’ll call you later.

Your niece is as close as you will ever have to a daughter because you have never had the honor of giving life yourself. She is not only your family, she is also your friend.

Your little ones who are excited to see you when you show up and sad to see you leave.

Being the only girl in the boys club where I work, I see how they respect me when a mouthful comes out and they look at me and apologize.

The little 20 something guy who works with my best friend and when I walk in his first response is Hello Beautiful. I know he is just being kind but it always  brightens my day.

That person who encourages you to pursue your dreams and when you think you have done everything you can do, they challenge you to do more.

The one who pointed me to the career I am in now because he saw I was at my breaking point and he saw an out for me. I just prayed for peace. He pointed me toward my peace in the midst of chaos.

We all have those strawberries that help us savor life, they are the stars in our crown. They are the things we savor when we know that someday that branch is going to break and the tiger will swallow us up.


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