Life is so Ironic..

My last post was about two tigers. The tiger at the bottom of the cliff represented death.

Death is something that will surely take our soul from our physical dwelling some day.

I wrote that post in the evening yesterday. The tiger crept in and took another one of my cousins during the same night.

That is three cousins in less than 6 months. One was 57, one was 47 and this one 45.

These are not old women. These are women who were just beginning to enjoy the place they were in their lives.

One was a grandmother, all were mothers, one a school teacher, one a business owner and one a nurse. Two of them left husbands behind to mourn.

They were all women of  character.

I have to think about my own mortality, which is where the blog post came from, just something in my soul needed to put it out there.I needed to “talk” to someone about it.

I didn’t know that this would be a part of my life yet again.

I don’t ask why and after spending way too much time grieving in my life, I try not to mourn them but choose to celebrate them instead. I know that they will always be part of who I am and their spirits still live.

My question once again is what is holding me back. Time is short. I have to remember to live while there is still sand in my hour glass.


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