Wow What a Change…

So, I have been writing about getting my hair done. My niece was a rock star today. She did my hair, cut and triple process color.  She did another ladies root touch up.

My hair turned out wonderfully. The color is vibrant and she added some soft curls.

When she turned the chair around so I could see, I almost cried. I was so shocked at what a difference it had made in me.

I have been working so hard on my inside that I had kind of let the outside go. Shame on me.

Honestly, I felt like a sex kitten. Now, that is not a term I have NEVER used about myself. The combination of color and curls, oh yeah, I felt sexy.

I was so anxious for my person to see it, but I didn’t want to let on. He didn’t say a great deal. He asked me if I liked it, I said Oh Yes!! He said Nice!!!

We drove around this evening and I found myself twirling my hair. It was definitely a flirty gesture on my part, hoping he wondered what it would feel like to run his fingers through my hair.

Then we stopped to have dessert along the way, I found myself openly flirting with him over a piece of pie. Who is this woman? I am the socially awkward person who trips over themselves trying to flirt. Now here I was tempting him in this teasing voice over a piece of pie.

I like it…. I like being flirty (with him only) ….. I like feeling like a sex kitten with lush, loose curls.

I have spent enough time not liking me and my body, maybe the time has come that we could all be friends.


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