Looking From A Different Perspective…

Today was one of those days when my mom needed my assistance. I came home and slept for a few hours and got on up to her place and helped her out.

I took a 25 minute power nap on her sofa and went back to what I needed to do.

I  have this hair brain idea that at the age of 48, I want purple highlights in my hair. My niece who is finishing up cosmetology school needs to do a few more assignments so she can finish next month.

So she will be earning her credits while cutting, coloring, and curling my hair tomorrow. She will also give me  a facial and a pedicure. The works. I am looking forward to it.

The purple is a drastic change. I am excited about it. When I do change, I do it big.

So after our strategic planning session, I came home and I took some more images of my jewelry  for advertising purposed.

As, I decided to call it a night, I sat down on the edge of the bed. My back was to my dresser mirror and  I  wasn’t wearing a top. I looked over my left shoulder  all I could see was my back and that shoulder.

You know, as I looked a my reflection, in the light of just my beside lamp. I liked what I saw. It wasn’t perfect. There were rolls and curves, however there was also a beauty to what I was seeing. In my mind, I could a Renaissance painting, one of those where a woman sits alone and you see that she is comfortable in her skin and with her choices.

Stepping back and not examining things with a magnifying glass you get to see things from a very different perspective.


One thought on “Looking From A Different Perspective…

  1. Hey!

    I’m loving your blog and writing style (followed!) but I would also like to invite you to submit a short piece to my own. I think your perspective and style of writing would be a perfect piece for my project.

    It’d also be a great way to get your blog/writing out there.

    Please feel free to email me (jennifer@youngandtwenty) with more questions, or take a look at the ‘BEING Young & Twenty’ page on my blog.

    I hope I’ll hear from you 🙂




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