Work While You’re Waiting…..

I used to be one of those people who sat around. Liked to read, do find the word puzzles, watch TV. Not that I am faulting that life style. I’m not. I did it for many years and at that time it worked for me.

Almost five years ago, that girl left. She had been through battle and she was tired. She needed to retire.

In her place came this woman. She had been the one who had come out of the fire that is life.

This woman, doesn’t try to be better than anyone else, only better than the person she was yesterday.

Being new to existence, she was so lonely and unsure of herself.That changes daily, she is stronger than even she realizes. She didn’t know what she liked or wanted. She had to discover who she was now, not who she was then and that process of discovery continues on a regular basis.

She has faced many things for the first time; some of the things that other people make seem simple but for her it was a hurdle than compared in size to Mount Everest.

She has had to learn what she will tolerate and what she won’t. She has learned that walking away from unpleasantness is not failure, it is self protection. She had learned that everyone looks at life differently depending on the path that life has chosen to give them.

So I work to get better at my crafts. I have everything ready to set up and online store for my jewelry. I just have to do it. Working on that. I have been asked to put some of it in a retail outlet in another county.  I am working to build my businesses.

I spend a good portion of my time at work waiting, so I work while I wait. In a workplace full of men, it is kind of funny when they wander into my area to see what I have made that night. They will walk in, look at what I have done, say that’s pretty cool and leave but each night, they are going to come check it out.

Last night, I worked on labeling some of my products and working on my inventory list. I finished it up today. Tonight, I went to the local bowling alley where there was a DJ. I was going to practice photographing people dancing in low light conditions.I need to know how to do this before September and do it well. It is something I have never tried to shoot. It proved much harder than I realized. I need more practice. I need to research it, make notes, try again.

It is not the end of the world that my shots tonight were terrible. I did get some pretty cool abstract shots of the lights and the reflection of the lights on the gutters of the bowling lanes.

Focus on what you did right not what you did wrong. The woman is learning something that the girl never knew…you are never going to be perfect but you try, you fail, you try to better next time.


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